Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ole Miss Baseball Attendance Nationally Ranked (Internet Version)

The Ole Miss baseball team is nationally ranked second for attendance to games thus far in the season, only behind SEC rival LSU. The rebels have placed in the top five the past four years.

Wichita State media relations coordinator, Jim Sutton, posted the full length rankings online and the website link was then retweeted on Twitter by an SEC update page that many Ole Miss students follow. Several students commented on it and linked it to friends walls, as well as talk about it around campus. It did not come as a surprise by a lot of their reactions considering baseball is such a big thing in the SEC and especially Mississippi. Ole Miss has always been known to have great attendance in good and bad seasons for the rebels. There is something about Swayze Field that keeps students coming back for more and bringing others to enjoy the game as well. Most visiting teams also look forward to playing in such an upbeat atmosphere and well made stadium.

-Campbell Hunt

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