Friday, May 6, 2011

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Colonel Reb Week: Bring Our Mascot Back

By: Kirbie Tingle

Colonel Reb Week is taking place all last week in an effort to promote the Colonel Reb Foundation and to raise awaresness for the fight to bring back Colonel Reb as the mascot of the University of Mississippi.

All week the Colonel Reb Foundation held events in and around the campus of Ole Miss.

On Monday, "Greeks + Colonel Reb" took place. The Colonel Reb Foundation Greek Committee went to various sororites and fraternities to spread the news of the upcoming week.

On Tuesday, it was "Colonel Reb Colors Day." Colonel Reb supporters were urged to wear any Colonel Reb attire to show their pride in the former mascot.

On Wednesday, there was "Baseball Game Banaza." A Colonel Reb look-a-like walked around before the Ole Miss versus Arkansas-Pine Bluff baseball game.

On Thursday, "Petitions to Dan Jones," occured. The CRF delivered petitions signed by more than 4,000 people to Dan Jones. There was also "The Great Louisiana Bear Hunt," held. The CRF was at the Square selling "Bear Hunting Licenses," which allowed free access to several bars on the Square.

On Friday, it was "Pregame With the Colonel." There was a pool party held at Lafayette place and everyone was welcome to attend.

Finally, on Saturday, Colonel Reb was present during "Double Decker."

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